Omni Channel Selling: What does it mean and why is it important for Automotive?

Omni Channel

The phrase ‘Omni Channel’ has been around for a number of years now, but there is still a huge opportunity to be exploited by businesses who want more. For Automotive Dealers and Manufacturers, Omni-Channel involves operating online as well as offline by adapting the traditional business model to the changing technological environment around you.

Firstly, what does Omni Channel even mean? It’s all about connecting. It means selling through as many channels as possible where these channels must feed off each other and work together. This is the difference between Omni Channel and Multi-Channel.

Take customer A, they browse for parts online, call the Dealer to check the part is right for their requirements, then complete their purchase online. Customer B has come to pick up a click and collect item, and just by looking at their order details on screen, the representative is able to recommend a complimentary part to go with their order. The customer needs time to think but ends up buying the product online the next day using the part number that the staff member was able to give.

Google define success as ‘reaching consumers wherever they are, on whatever device they may be using.’ This is crucial. Every customer is different. Every customer has different preferences. In order to maximise revenue, you must provide maximum opportunities for the customer to convert – a bad experience means they will shop elsewhere in an instant. Moreover, no one shops exclusively through one method, so offering different options for the customer to make a purchases maximises your conversions.

The Automotive Aftermarket’s e-Commerce presence is growing massively. Many manufacturers discovered the likes of eBay and Amazon years ago, but are now looking to create platforms more suited to their own business model. Why wouldn’t you want to reach new customers, better cater for existing ones and ultimately drive more revenue?

In a highly complex industry, Omni Automotive can bring the expertise you need to drive revenue through effective e-Commerce channels.

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