Drive Parts and Accessory Revenue Through e-Commerce.

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Dealer Fulfilment

Equip your franchise network with the tools they need to create a successful e-Commerce strategy for Aftersales. Each participating Dealer will have their own store fed from a national level and each Dealer acts as a fulfillment hub.

Central Fulfilment

Distribute all orders from a central warehouse and host a single national store to maintain control and simplify the customer experience. With this business model you can offer quicker delivery and a more consistent service.

Hybrid Approach

Our hybrid business model combines Dealer and central fulfilment, where you operate a national store managed from a single location with Dealers acting as affiliates. Attribute sales to Dealers to share the revenue and maximise reach.

Unlock the Market Opportunity

Over £920m of Parts and Accessories are sold online each year in the UK.

Online parts sales are growing at a rate of 10.5% year on year, presenting a massive opportunity for OEM's to increase revenue, reach more customers and retain existing ones. Omni Automotive was established to support OEM's and Dealers to capitalise on this ever growing channel.

We understand the complexity of Aftersales and the challenges that are presented when operating an online sales channel. Our solution can support you whatever your objective, from central fulfilment using one warehouse, to Dealer fulfilment where your network can embrace the opportunities online Parts and Accessory sales present.

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Online Aftersales Potential

Reaching More Customers At Different Stages.

Our solution will enable your organisation to better meet customer needs. Not only can you retain more existing customers, but you can prospect new ones who do not require a physical Dealer experience.

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An adaptable and simplified e-Commerce solution.

Get in touch today to discuss how our solution could work for you. Whether you want to fulfill orders from a central hub or drive revenue through your network, we have the expertise and platform to deliver results.

Introducing Your Store

Using our knowledge and experience, we have spent time developing a turnkey solution to maximise Parts and Accessories sales online. Your feature packed store is equipped with everything you need to make a success of Aftersales e-Commerce.

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Receive VIN or Reg details during checkout to ensure correct fitment

Meet demand with items you already have and those you have access to

With integrated fraud analysis, you can be sure to minimise risk

62% of Automotive online searches are on mobile - our solution works on all devices

Usable data that can be used to grow your store and track results


Update pricing and product information on one spreadsheet and we do the rest

Reach more customers through internet search

Provide a complete service whilst maximising revenue and customer retention

A premium store design to match your brand and increase customer trust

Increase purchase conversions with easy search filters

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