Adapting to Millennials

Adapting to Millennials

Born between 1981-1997, Millennials are dominating shopping spaces - especially online, so what do you need to know about them?

Millennials are a growing market for the Automotive industry and expect different experiences from the traditional bricks and mortar approach. Although other generations have also switched to online channels to make purchases, Millennials in particular desire an online option to buy as they have grown up in the digital connected world.

Millennials have grown up around technology, in fact their Christmas lists as children always included the latest technological trend! They are quick to get their hands on the latest gadgets however are quick to dismiss those that do not work for them.

The same goes for their online experiences – they lack the patience and tolerance for poor sites. Millennials want to be able to quickly and easily find and purchase products that suit them, 60% of the time on a mobile device.

Another thing to note about Millennials is that they are not as brand loyal as their generational predecessors. They are willing to shop around to find exactly what they are looking for and experience a good brand journey, even if this means trying somewhere new.

It’s not all bad though. Millennials are known to spend more than their parents and are happier to spend that bit extra to buy a better quality product. Now they are starting to sound attractive!

Key focus areas to drive conversions and loyalty amongst Millennials

  • Immersive and appealing imagery
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Speedy and efficient check out process
  • Free delivery
  • Fast dispatch and delivery
  • Full and clear information in the product description
  • Discount codes
  • Professional and branded store design

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